Just to say

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Hands up who has left a note scribbled in a lunch box, kitchen top, fridge or backpack? On those rare days when I scrape together more than 2 minutes in our crazy mornings, I love to scribble a little note just to say something to my family.

Be it to boost their confidence, send an extra hug on a difficult day or just to say I love you. It only takes a few words to say so much. 

As I was working on Petit Pixels I had a flashback to a time when I used to creep into my parents bedroom when I was little to leave them a note on their pillows. I guess it was my thing. My way of saying something more, when they were not expecting it. 

Words are uplifting. Words can do so much. In our image driven world, let's not forget to say something too. Not a text, or a snap or a ping. A little message of love.

Emma Mufraggi