Coffee Pot


I am obsessed with coffee. I love coffee shops and the instant community they offer.

I have met some of the most weird and wonderful people in the world over a cappuccino, and for me there is nothing better than sipping a brew and letting serendipity do the rest.

In true melting pot communities you can travel all around the world by going to coffee shops. You don’t even have to get on a plane. From Argentina, to Italy and the US passing by Jamaica and France every community has it’s own way of pressing pause and drinking coffee. 

It’s simple. Counter culture. It’s home from home.

For bakery’s, coffeeshops, bread, food and beer the artisan “thing” is booming. Hand crafted. Craft. Foody. I’m loving the wave of going back to basics. 


Why not in clothes?

Miami in the 70s had a thriving fashion industry. Wynwood was it’s epicenter. Warehouses of thrumming needles and fabrics and fashion.

But it got too expensive. So we shipped it overseas. But that unique knowledge is still here. The talent lives on. It just has to be uncovered.

Emma Mufraggi