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Clothes with

a message

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Messages to empower

Powerful Pockets

Made Personal : Kids clothes infused with love. Each pocket hides a message, secretly printed inside, to give kids confidence from within.

Made Pima : Expertly made with the world’s finest 100% Pima Cotton.

Made Soft : 100% scrumptiously soft on kids skin.

Made Powerful : The power of positivity! Petit Pixels are made to empower kids with loving messages.

Pure Pima Cotton

Our clothes are made from 100% Pima Cotton.

We have spent more than a year searching for the world’s finest and softest cotton.

Good clothes don't need to shout. You can feel the difference. Hand harvested, grown in ideal conditions, we choose the best Pima Cotton to make Petit Pixels oh so soft and durable.

Girls :
 Tees & Dresses


"Petit Pixels Power"

— So much love can be contained in so few words    #PetitPixels 

Boys :


About us

Meet Petit Pixels.

A family brand. Inspired by two remarkable girls, filled with love, power and sunshine. We wanted to give families the chance to reconnect by saying the words we rarely get to say. Because we know that so much love, joy, and strength can be said in very few words. A Petit Pixel. 

So that’s where the story starts. With a small idea. And a brand called Petit Pixels.